What’s my inspiration?  I get that question a lot.  And, there are many things that inspire me.  And, what inspires me one day, may not really inspire me another day.  A lot of times, it’s a weather thing.  If it’s a hot sunny day, then I usually want to paint ALLL DAY!  If it’s cold and rainy, then, I’m usually in my studio, cracking up the glass.  But lately, it’s been cold and rainy all the time!  And I need paintings pronto!    But nothing drives me more…than…a deadline!  I’ve been painting a lot lately, getting NEW ART ready for the John Richard Spring Collection!  You may have read a previous blog about my collaboration with John Richard!  It’s not really a person, it’s a luxury home furnishings company that produces high end furniture, art, lighting etc and it’s sold world wide!  For years, they have been reproducing my work WITH GLASS AND RESIN and the result has been amazing!  These are not cheap reproductions with thin stretcher bars and nylon instead of canvas.  These are very high quality giclee’s on quality canvas with wood backing and professional frames etc.  (We have several JR reproductions at our Grayton Gallery if you want to see for yourself!) If you’re wondering why I would allow my work to be reproduced, let me share those points with you too!

  • My work can reach a broader audience when it’s sold through Nieman Marcus, Horchow and other high end retailers! Reproductions are signed “Hong” and my originals are signed with a big fat “M”!  So, there’s no confusion.  But, when people see “Hong” in a showroom, they’ll google it and find me!
  • Many buyers discover me this way, and then realize they need a size or color that’s close to a JR piece, but really need something custom…that’s another way for me to get clients!
  • JR art only has crushed glass on it. My originals usually involve specialty glass that I’ve sourced and salvaged over years and years of glass hoarding
  • Many clients of mine own a few of my originals, but want something less costly for their second home etc. They can still support me and my work by purchasing a JR reproduction of my work.  It’s win-win!
  • It’s a great introduction to fine art and my work. Many simply can’t afford my originals, but still want to own something close!  I get it!  I can’t even afford my art!!!  And, John Richard Art is super high quality!  I’m fortunate to have this relationship with them!

And so, this is why, I let the paint FLY when I’m getting ready for their next market!  I’m painting like crazy right now!  And the mess I make…it’s insane.  Paint is everywhere!  I love it though!  Thank you for supporting me!


Here it is finished…48 x 72 (I think!!!! Call the gallery!  850.231.1416)