I had to get away.  Do you ever feel like that?  Omg! It’s a mantra that’s been going through my head for a very long time.  My life, let’s just say, is probably more stressful than yours. Yep. I’ll take on anyone’s life drama and I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat. 

But, that’s not really my point. My point is that, I’m a crazy stressful mess. And knowing that a little escape was on the horizon, kept me going for the past 7 months.  My dear sweet friend Angel, who’s put up with me for the past 30 years, invited me and my twins on a Caribbean cruise with her husband, daughters, and her Mom.

The laugh about this is that I’ve cruised with Ang and her husband, almost 20 years ago.  There was no way I wasn’t doing this. We were all in. I finished up over 10 large commissions in record time. I packed up my kids, arranged care for my husband, and flew east…Fort Lauderdale. We boarded Caribbean Princess for 7 enchanting evenings. 

And, it worked. My stress dissolved by day 2. I am SO NOT going to bore you with pictures of my cruise. But, I am going to show you where some of my art ideas come from. It’s every-day LIVING that gives me inspiration. The pictures are below: The wine glass picts are from a wine tasting event I went to.  All I could think of was compositions for my wine-bottle inspired art. And, just looking over the lanai of our stateroom…the water churning…all I could think of is…wow, that’s what I try to paint!