Well!  It was the only photo that wasn’t completely blurry.  Meet Kristie! She’s the chief-of-all-things important at my Shard Shop empire!  We’re pictured here at an event at The Henderson Resort in Destin FL. We were there to entertain and “WOW” event coordinators that had been invited to the resort so they could see how cool it is to vacation in our area!  The attendees LOVED US, and they loved the concept of ShardWorx Art and The Shard Shop as a DIY-destination. We spread the word of how cool it is to make art with glass, use tools and to connect with others! We shared stories of many hands-on events we’ve held OUTSIDE of our shops!  It made me realize that I had another blog post brewing in my head!  

“Shard-On-The-Go” is The Shard Shops initiative to bring the ShardWorx Art-Making concept to vacation destinations all over the world!  Last summer our team traveled to Hilton Head SC to make art with over 70 people at the Westin Resort! Last month, we hosted over 35 people at Shark’s Tooth Country Club in Panama City Beach!  We bring EVERYTHING to event destinations to share our love of connectedness through art. It’s that simple. We, as humans, love to get together and we love to create. Of course we all SAY we hate it..but really..deep down..we need each other.  And there really is an artist in all of us. And with ShardWorx Art, it’s all rockstar quality art!